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Ruins, Rubble and the Rock

About the Book

There are several books on Biblical archaeology. Some are written as a reference source for anyone interested in archaeology related to Biblical, theological, and apologetic studies. Some are written to provide a deeper appreciation of the Biblical world. And some are written to let you know that the stories of the Bible are neither fictional nor allegorical.


None of these are the goals of this book. Instead, this book aims to authenticate the New Testament narratives. For example, the discovery of a two-thousand-year-old stone quarry between Nazareth and Cana authenticates the use of stone water jars at the wedding at Cana (Jn 2) in the first century CE. The period dates to when everybody else in the ancient world used clay vessels.


Everyone will enjoy this book. The material will be especially beneficial to preachers and teachers looking for material or lessons related to the New Testament. Color photographs and extensive endnotes are featured, providing an interesting and informative insight into the historical and cultural background of the gospel era. Each chapter allows us to dig deeper into the rubble and ruins to discover more about the Rock of our salvation. 

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The Rock and the Rabbi

About the Book

When was the last time you failed God? Have you repeatedly failed God and felt unworthy of His forgiveness? How long will God put up with your promises to change, only to see you fail again? And if you keep failing, what good are you to God, anyway?

This book examines the spiritual transformation of Peter the rock through his relationship with his rabbi, Jesus Christ. Peter was bold and passionate about following Jesus, but his rash words or impulsive actions often got him into trouble. The biggest failure of his life was denying Jesus after three years of intimate fellowship with the Son of God. He was a fallible but devoted follower of Christ.



Discover how God loves you, imperfect as you are, through Peter's journey with Jesus. God is big enough and gracious enough to handle your failures until He decides the work is complete and takes you home.

The purpose of this book is to help Christians reflect on their spiritual journey with God. Christian readers who struggle to live up to God's standards and expectations will also find encouragement in this book. As this book is a compilation of Peter's interactions with Jesus, it is an excellent resource for pastors and Bible study groups.

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About the Book

Challenge yourself to think anew about how we should steward the gospel in this era of globalisation and immigration.


This book will help you develop your cultural intelligence so that you can relate, respect, express care, work, and witness effectively across cultures.

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Online Course

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Course Description

The foreign workforce has become a significant percentage of the population in many nations, fostering a co-existence of diverse cultures. Rather than go to all nations, God has brought the nations to our very doorsteps, thrusting them into our arms, making them our neighbours. Join Andrew Sabaratnam as we learn how to develop the skill called Cultural Intelligence so that you will be able to relate and work effectively across cultures.

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