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ANDREW SABARATNAM was born in Malaysia and currently resides in Singapore. He is a Bible scholar, an engineer, an educator, and an author. As an educator, Andrew has traveled widely, interacted with researchers worldwide, including Russians and Hungarians, and successfully negotiated agreements with partners from India, China, and Japan. As a result of his global experience, Andrew discovered that he had an innate understanding of culture and became a Cultural Intelligence trainer. We often read the Bible through our cultural lens. Andrew helps people understand Scripture by taking into account the culture of that time. 

Andrew can explain complex biblical topics in a way that everyone can understand. He is interested in several subjects, including Church History, Spiritual Classics of Christianity, Contemporary Issues and the Bible, Christian Biographies, God and the Movies, and Biblical Archaeology. One of Andrew's e-books on Amazon is called “Ruin. Rubble and the Rock: Authenticating the Gospel Era with Archaeological Evidence”, a seemingly complex subject made simple for laypeople. Readers have gained a deeper understanding of Scripture as a result of it.


Understanding the culture of that time and examining archaeological findings helps to reinforce Scripture and strengthen our faith. With all the distractions of a postmodern world, Christians are in danger of shipwrecking their faith. Andrew hopes to strengthen the faith of Christians in a hostile society through his books and articles.

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